Spay/Neuter Assistance

Tens of thousands adoptable pets are euthanized in the Indianapolis metropolitan area each year because there simply are not enough homes for them. Having a pet spayed or neutered is a responsible and compassionate way to help eliminate this tragic dilemma; however, the cost of this surgery can sometimes present an obstacle to an otherwise simple solution. HCHS is committed to helping reduce pet over-population, by partnering with area veterinarians to provide spay/neuter services at a discounted rate.


(Help Over Population End)

The Hendricks County Humane Society sponsors the HOPE Program, which makes available low-cost pet sterilization. There are no eligibility requirements, and you do not have to be a resident of Hendricks County to participate. A completed application, along with payment, must be submitted in order to obtain a HOPE certificate. If your pet is not current on vaccinations, you must also purchase the required vaccinations, to be completed at the time of surgery; otherwise, you will need to bring proof of vaccination with you.

Download Hope HCHS Application