Learning how to keep it down

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When it comes to the health and well-being of your pet, there are some basic issues any good pet parent understands that he or she must deal with such as spaying and neutering, flea prevention, vaccinations and regular check-ups. Animals, like humans, are unique individuals, so we know that some dogs are easier to care for than others. There are those breeds or

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Trap Neuter Return Q&A With Cathlene Hirtzel

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Last month HCHS held a Town Hall meeting for a Trap Neuter Return program in Hendricks County. At that meeting, Cathlene Hirtzel, HCHS volunteer and colony caretaker, spoke about the importance of implementing a TNR program in Hendricks County. This month, she answered some questions about TNR and what a TNR program could do for Hendricks County. If you are interested in

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