Trap Neuter Return Q&A With Cathlene Hirtzel

Last month HCHS held a Town Hall meeting for a Trap Neuter Return program in Hendricks County. At that meeting, Cathlene Hirtzel, HCHS volunteer and colony caretaker, spoke about the importance of implementing a TNR program in Hendricks County. This month, she answered some questions about TNR and what a TNR program could do for Hendricks County. If you are interested in TNR or would like to get i...
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TNR Town Hall Meeting

TNR Town Hall Meeting Hosted by Hendricks County Humane Society July 11, 2017 On Tuesday, July 11th, 2017, the Hendricks County Humane Society hosted a Town Hall meeting to address feral cat overpopulation solutions for Hendricks County. In attendance, were guest speakers Tammy Sollenberger, Executive Director of Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic; Michael Delp, Director of Johnson County Animal C...
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The Big Black Dog

A Big Black Dog’s Five Month Journey This is the story of a big black dog and her 5 month journey. There are multiple messages that one can glean from this story and we leave the reader to pick the message(s) most meaningful to them. For those of us who work with domestic animals every day, we are once again reminded that animals can’t speak and they need us humans to help them. The humans wo...
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HCHS has Adoption Event openings for area Rescues

HCHS has Adoption Event openings for area Rescues •We have indoor & outdoor space available •We have cat condos available for use during the adoption events •We are happy to host dog, cat & exotic rescues •We can process cash or credit •We have tables & chairs available for use •We have a representative to help & assist in any way •We have volunteers available, at the gu...
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Hendricks County Community Foundation Awards Grant to th e HC Humane Society

From left: Miriam Bowman-Walker,  HCCF Board Member Jerry Orem, HCHS Board President Carol Battistini, and Wendy Smith receiving $1,000 20th Anniversary Grant Hendricks County Community Foundation Awards Grant to th e HC Humane Society   In celebration of 20 years of service to Hendricks County, the Hendricks County Community Foundation is presenting $1,000 grant...
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